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Look Beyond_tiny.jpg

Look ing Beyond   24x18"

Something seen, but having no physical reality: a phantom , an illusionary mental image.


Breaking Point 18x24"

Sinking Moon tiny 2.jpg

Sinking Moon 25x18"

Hallowed_Holler_Pilla tiny.jpg

Hallowed Holler 18x24"

Angry Wave tiny.jpg

Angry Wave   20x20"

Life Forms Pilla.jpg

Life Forms.  18x24"

Lava Ice_Pilla.jpg

Lava Rock.  20x20"

World Afloat tiny.jpg

World Afloat  20x20"

Broken Sky tiny .jpg

Broken Sky   20x20"

Sun Set Moon Rise diptych tiny.png

Cycle.  dyptic  20x20"


The Reach.  20x20"   

Fire and Ice_PIlla.jpg

Fire and Ice.  18x24"  

Ancients_Pilla tiny.jpg

The Ancients   18x24"

from Snake in the Seagrass tiny.jpg

The Gloaming 20x20"

Arctic Wave tiny.jpg

Arctic Surge  18x21" 


Gravity  18x24"

The Red Line tiny.jpg

The Red Line  18x24"  

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